SOS Showroom underway

We are constantly working on improving ourselves at SOS. Last time we went on a “Kaizen” fest (Kaizen is a Japanese term for continuous daily improvement) we beautifully streamlined our drapery sewing center. This time we are turning part of our workroom space into a lovely little showroom for our customers. Here is what we… Continue reading SOS Showroom underway

Local Interior Design Meetup!

At SOS we’re always looking for new ways to become more involved in the boca raton interior design community and other local areas. So what a joy to find others already meeting here in South Florida! Here’s what the group is all about: “Our Meetup was organized to bring together Decorative Painters and Designers in… Continue reading Local Interior Design Meetup!

Looking Forward

A lot has been happening at our little boca workroom. We’ve been working on a big job. Lots of windows. Lots of fabric. Lots of work. I should have pictures of the window treatments on here soon. On my techie end, I’ve been working on improving our “business systems,” our system for serving the customer.… Continue reading Looking Forward