Beauty is on the inside

I started another little blog for SOS today. On this blog I will be posting the in-between pictures of upholstery work: Chairs without fabric. Foam stripped. Ugly. or, Beautiful. Boca Raton Upholstery

Then and Now – SOS workroom gets a makeover

We have been busy busy bees lately. We changed our workroom setup and made a new streamlined sewing center. Here is a pic of the old workroom setup Here is a pic of the new Like the Japanese say, “Kaizen” – continual daily improvement.

Ripping up Roche (part 1)

There is something gratifying about ripping apart fine furniture 🙂 And when you’re deep into the world of Boca Raton upholstery you will get your chance to rip up some of the finest. Today I have a few pictures for you of a Roche Bobois sectional we had the pleasure of tearing apart and reupholstering.… Continue reading Ripping up Roche (part 1)

10 reasons to subscribe to Draperies & Window Coverings magazine

Here they are 10 reason you should subscribe: New products Industry news Business advice Industry success stories Case studies in effective business practices <– click for a great article about applying E-myth to your workroom business Design ideas Solutions to common problems Entertaining articles Industry book lists and my favorite, Classifieds! So hurry up and… Continue reading 10 reasons to subscribe to Draperies & Window Coverings magazine

Long Time No Post

It’s been a little while since I last posted. I should have mentioned beforehand that I’d be away. Of course George has been here working hard (no rest for the weary). I was up visiting my relatives in West Virginia. This song pretty much sums up my little vacation. I still have the second half… Continue reading Long Time No Post

Where drapes come from…

There comes a point in every child’s life where they start asking tough questions like: ‘Why is the sky blue?’ and ‘Mommy, where do babies come from?’ Well, just like babies, drapes come from somewhere too. So today, for all of you inquisitive little tykes, I’ll answer once and for all the question “Where do… Continue reading Where drapes come from…

Interior Design on Youtube

I’ve been doing some research/goofing-off today 🙂 Not the whole day of course (we’re way too busy for that), just a few youtube videos. If you have never tried it, look on youtube for “interior design” or whatever creative search term comes to mind. Youtube has a plethora of interior design videos So, for instance… Continue reading Interior Design on Youtube

The new SOS mascot

Isn’t it adorable! George bought a little puppy. It’s not at the workroom of course, but we got to see the pictures today. Cute little thing. All it needs is a cape and it can be our “SOS-to-the-rescue!” dog 🙂

Meet some of the gang

Hi All, We’ve been getting a little trigger happy with the camera lately and the result is staff pictures! We didn’t get everybody though. Maybe one day soon we’ll take a big group photo. So without further ado, here are a few of the SOS gang: Alex “Fastest Nail-gun in Boca” Vasquez (One of our… Continue reading Meet some of the gang