December 16th, 2009

Boca Raton Community Sewing Class!


SOS presents

For the benefit of the public

FREE community sewing classes

boca raton drapery sewing class


We are holding free classes to teach the basics of upholstering and drapery making. The classes will start with a project such as an ottoman or chair. Participants will learn how to sew, what tools to use and what supplies are needed. SOS will provide the use of professional sewing machines, equipment and some tools for students. It will supply some fabric initially, but participants can purchase fabric from stock at a 50 percent reduction or bring there own. SOS supports green practices and will recycle fabric left over from previous jobs. Fabric available for purchase is all natural weaves, textures and fibers. At the end of class there will be refreshments and the opportunity to socialize with fellow students and vendors.

*will provide job placement assistance if you’re good and want to get into the business.

WHEN: Each free session will include four one-hour classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. Morning (8 a.m.-9 a.m.) or afternoon classes (1 p.m.-2 p.m.) are available.

For scheduling and to register, call (561) 289-2001 or email

December 10th, 2009

SOS Showroom underway

We are constantly working on improving ourselves at SOS.

Last time we went on a “Kaizen” fest (Kaizen is a Japanese term for continuous daily improvement) we beautifully streamlined our drapery sewing center.

drapery sewing center in boca raton

This time we are turning part of our workroom space into a lovely little showroom for our customers.

Here is what we have so far:
boca raton interior design showroom reception desk
Reception Desk –
A nice marble-top desk as soon as you come in for receiving and entertaining clients (we have candy! 🙂 ).
Also there are some of the latest interior design magazines for you to flip through.

rollershades and blinds display in boca raton showroom
Hunter Douglas rollershades and blind display –
In the entrance way we have setup a nice display of working Hunter Douglas shade samples. You can play with the controls to test out opening and closing them. Also – for designers – we have an arrangement where you can checkout a sample to show to a potential client.

Fabric books and trim books, etc. on display.
Sample books display –
Through our dealer arrangements with local to-the-trade-only fabric companies (like Norbar), importers on th west coast, and Greenhouse Design’s extensive online wholesale catalog we can offer you one of the largest selections of fabric in boca raton at below retail prices. (see our fabric page)

So to give you a taste of what is available and possible we have setup a display area for samples of fabric, trim, bamboo, and other window covering and upholstery accessories.

We hope you’ll come visit us soon!
In the future we plan to have free refreshments and products demonstrations on scheduled dates/times.

If you want to be notified when that happens, and keep up with us in general, sign up for our free newsletter (sent once a month)

December 9th, 2009

SOS NEWSLETTER – Saving The World From Boring Interiors!

sos logo


Hi there dear customers!

Today I am happy to announce the creation of our bold new newsletter.

SOS NEWSLETTER will inform and entertain.

It will also keep you up to date about all things interior design and SOS, like…

  • Updates on our constantly improving facilities and services
  • Our upcoming showroom grand opening
  • Our upcoming Loyal Customer Party (with free food and entertainment)
  • The latest design tips and frequently asked questions answered
  • SOS in the news (our sewing classes are being featured in the news)

We have a lot of interesting things happening. We hope you will signup!

Sign up for our free newsletter
Sent infrequently (won’t clog your inbox) with great tips and info for your interior designs. Yay!

September 16th, 2009

Beauty is on the inside

I started another little blog for SOS today.

On this blog I will be posting the in-between pictures of upholstery work:

Chairs without fabric. Foam stripped. Ugly.



stripped chair

Boca Raton Upholstery

September 9th, 2009

Then and Now – SOS workroom gets a makeover

We have been busy busy bees lately.

We changed our workroom setup and made a new streamlined sewing center.

Here is a pic of the old workroom setup

drapery workroom

Here is a pic of the new

Like the Japanese say, “Kaizen” – continual daily improvement.

March 11th, 2009

Local Interior Design Meetup!

At SOS we’re always looking for new ways to become more involved in the boca raton interior design community and other local areas.

So what a joy to find others already meeting here in South Florida!south florida interior design meetup

Here’s what the group is all about:

Our Meetup was organized to bring together Decorative Painters and Designers in Southern Florida.

Our group interests are Interior Design, Architecture, Decorative Wall Design and other Professionals in the Design Industry.

We will be networking with and educated by other respected professionals in their communities.

We will discuss hot trends in the industry and how we each can make a difference.”

Click here to check out their page on!

February 18th, 2009

Ripping up Roche (part 1)

There is something gratifying about ripping apart fine furniture 🙂

And when you’re deep into the world of Boca Raton upholstery you will get your chance to rip up some of the finest.

Today I have a few pictures for you of a Roche Bobois sectional we had the pleasure of tearing apart and reupholstering. Yay! Enjoy.

This is what the original fabric looked like…

And with a little hard work…


R o C h E    B o B O i S !

This is just one small part of the sectional. We have a lot more pictures, but those will have to wait until next time.

Until then,

Have a Superior Optimum day!

December 12th, 2008

Made In China

(nothing against products made in China)

George was re-upholstering an office chair as a favor for someone the other day and found something I thought was interesting…

Chinese newspapers! (see below)

This may be fairly common (and it didn’t seem to raise an eye brow on George) but I thought it was interesting and had to take a picture!

Well at least its not horse hair 🙂

November 21st, 2008

“I judge my satisfaction from the look on the face of my client the first time they walk into their new home.” – An exclusive interview with Interior Designer Mark Cutler

Interior Designer Mark Cutler

Today we are here with Los Angeles celebrity interior designer Mark Cutler our next interviewee in our series “Interviews with Interior Designers.”

We asked Mark some fun questions about his work and his blog about interior design, Mark Cutler Design and he gave some great answers. So without further ado, the interview:

TJ: What is the best part of being an interior designer?

Mark: You get to design the backdrop against which people live their lives. That’s a very intimate place to be.

What a poetic answer!

TJ: How did you get interested in interior design / design in general?

Mark: I always had an interest in design, mostly architecture. So I studied architecture in college and worked at that for a few years, then at some point became much more interested in the Interiors elements of design. So I finally gave in to that and opened my own office about 7 years ago.

TJ: How did you get started as an interior designer?

Mark: When I worked as an architect I used to watch the Interior designers very closely to see how they worked. I guess that’s where I learned it, I never really worked for anyone as a designer, I just figured it out as I went along.

TJ: How would you describe your style?

Mark: My style is somewhat eclectic. It certainly has elements of tradition in it, but with a little bit of a twist. You will see antiques mixed with modern elements. I think good design is timeless, so it is a bit hard to pin it down.

TJ: What has been your favorite design job so far?

Mark: My favorite one is always the one that I am currently working on.

TJ: What project has given you the most satisfaction?

Mark: I judge my satisfaction from the look on the face of my client the first time they walk into their new home. It’s a very special moment to witness.

TJ: What motivated you to start blogging about design?

Mark: LOL I have a lot to say. I think too that it is interesting for people to hear the personal side of design too. Also to learn about the process, I think with magazines etc it sometimes looks effortless, its not so I like to write about how the design happens, my favorite finds etc etc

TJ: What has been the best part so far of writing a design-related blog?

Mark: I was not expecting their to be such a community, I am always thrilled to see how willing people are to share their discoveries and thoughts and talents, it’s a breeding ground for great talent.

TJ: Do you read design magazines/blogs? which ones?

Mark: Well I read all the major magazines, digest, elle décor, met home, veranda. I also read a ton of blogs domino has a great one, peak of chic and desire to inspire are some of my favs also dezeen

TJ: When you were a child did you want to become a designer?

Mark: lol yes I have to say I wanted to design from early on. I always thought I would be an architect though.

TJ: If you could meet any designer (past or present), who would you like to meet?

Mark: Hmmmm well I would love to meet Albert Hadley, and I think Van Day Truex would be another that I would love to meet

TJ: You’ve designed for many famous people. If you could design something for anyone (past or present), who would you like to design something for?

Mark: Well that’s a tough one, I think I would love to design for someone like Catherine Hepburn, she had such great style that I think it would be a tremendous challenge.

TJ: What is, in your opinion, the biggest design mistake today?

Mark: Too much stuff

TJ: What do you think will be the next hot trend in interior design?

Mark: Yikes… Not sure go ask Crate and Barrel. LOL

Thank you Mark for the interview! Well, dear reader, I hope you have enjoyed today’s designer. I know I did.

Have Superior Optimum day!


p.s. Here are some amazing pictures of Mark’s work; a real mix of traditional elements with modern. For more see his interior design gallery.

Mark Cutler new asian interior

(featured in the Los Angeles version of Luxe Magazine)

Mark Cutler modern farmhouse

Mark Cutler Modern Farmhouse

Mark Cutler New American Home

November 5th, 2008

10 reasons to subscribe to Draperies & Window Coverings magazine

Draperies and Window Coverings

Here they are 10 reason you should subscribe:

  1. New products
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  3. Business advice
  4. Industry success stories
  5. Case studies in effective business practices <– click for a great article about applying E-myth to your workroom business
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  7. Solutions to common problems
  8. Entertaining articles
  9. Industry book lists
  10. and my favorite, Classifieds!

So hurry up and subscribe already! <–click for subscription info