“I tell my clients I can make their home into a palace — their favorite place to be.” – an exclusive interview with interior designer Renee Finberg

Interior Designer in Boca Raton

As the second interviewee in our “Interviews with Interior Designers” series we are here with Renee Finberg of Renee Finberg Interiors of Boca Raton.

She is a top notch Interior Designer with, among other things, a love of European design and “a passion for chandeliers, functional draperies and antique clocks.”

We asked Renee some questions about her career in interior design and her opinions on interior design in general. Here’s what she had to say:

TJ: How did you get started in interior design?

Renee: I was raised in the industry. My mother was a Decorator in Miami Beach.
We always had a very special home that was beautiful to live in.
I am all about aesthetics; certain environments affect us deeply on many levels.
I know how living among beautiful things that relate to you as an individual can help you to feel special, calm, enriched or whatever atmosphere you are looking to achieve in your personal space.
Whatever mood a client is looking to achieve in a room can be created by a talented & sensitive Designer.
If attention to tiny details is paid to a home, it just might change the everyday life of the client.

‘The Design’ & Ambiance of a space is in the Details.

TJ: What are your favorite design jobs?

Renee: The second and third time that I am hired by the same client.
Because at that point we both know each other very well, and the mutual trust is the most fertile ground for exceptional Design.

TJ: What is, in your opinion, the biggest design mistake today?

Renee: Undressed windows, whether it is a contemporary or traditional home.

Bonus Question:

(This is from my correspondence with Renee after the initial interview. I thought it was such a great expression of the kind of designer she is that I included it. I hope she does not mind)

TJ: I love your answer to the first question. I’ve never thought about the affect of design on a client as an individual quite that way before; that, if I understand you right, it could really change their everyday life (through changing their mood) in a positive way.

I guess that makes the job that much more rewarding, since you are having a positive effect on lives.

Renee: Yes, TJ, it does affect the homeowner in a positive way. Just think about how clients are affected when they hate something that has been done by designer. I know you have heard & seen all the negative feelings and words.
Why wouldn’t they be affected positively when they love to be home because of something you have created for them based on your meetings with them and your insights into the individual? Right ?

I think that is the kind of genuine care that everyone should want in an interior designer.

By the way, since first contacting Renee for an interview she has started blogging too! You can visit her blog at: http://reneefinberg.blogspot.com/
Be sure to visit and leave her a comment. You are sure to learn even more interesting things about Renee like, for instance, that she is a skilled equestrian.

Well, I hope all of you have enjoyed today’s designer. And thank you, Renee, for the interview!

Have Superior Optimum day!


p.s. Here are a few beautiful pictures of her work.

A living room designed by Renee Finberg -featured in Palm Beach Illustrated

(A living room featured in Palm Beach Illustrated)

A Boca Raton bedroom designed by interior designer Renee Finberg

(A bedroom featured in Boca Raton Magazine)

A private elevator foyer

(A private elevator foyer)