Home Staging!! Staging to Sell, Staging to Live! – An exclusive interview with Sandra Holmes of Home Staging Concepts

Sandra Holmes of Home Staging Concepts.

If you are just joining us, lately we have been contacting people in interior design and related industry and asking them some fun and exciting questions about their work.

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to one of them, Sandra Holmes a master home staging professional in South Florida. Sandra is the driving force behind Home Staging Concepts and has been featured in an interview on the series MoneyTalks. She is passionate about interior redesign as a marketing tool. We asked Sandra a bit about her work, her favorite designs, and style. Here’s what she had to say:

TJ: How did you get started in interior design?

Sandra: I became an Accredited Staging Professional and then I also received my Master Accredited Staging Professional Designation.

Master Accredited Staging Professional

TJ: What has been your favorite design job so far?

Sandra: All of our work is amazing as it depends on the type of house/condo and the style. My favorite so far has to be one I did at the Diplomat Residences.

TJ: What project has given you the most satisfaction?

Sandra: My satisfaction with the staging business is when I get a phone call from the realtor or home seller that tells me they received an offer on their property and they know it is because it was staged.

TJ: What are your favorite design jobs?

Sandra: Where the house is already cleaned, painted with the right colors, and upgrades are in place.

TJ: How would you describe your style?

Sandra: Simple-yet stated. People say WOW when they walk in. We do everything from contemporary to traditional.

TJ: When you were a child did you want to become a designer?

Sandra: I have always decorated my room as a child and even the house I was raised in. I didn’t know then that this would be my passion.

TJ: What is, in your opinion, the biggest design mistake today?

Sandra: Sometimes, I feel it is too much stuff.

TJ: What is the best part of being an interior designer in south Florida?

Sandra: Meeting all of the fantastic people.

TJ: What do you think will be the next hot trend in (South Florida) interior design?

Sandra: Home Staging!! Staging to Sell, Staging to Live!

Don’t you love people who are passionate about their work? As a testament to the value Sandra delivers, here is what one of her clients had to say:

“Sandra, you do make miracles happen. We had two villas that were both on the market for one year. After we found out about you and hired you to stage our properties they both sold within 30 days. Great work!” – Dawn and John Bullis

When I saw that I just had to add it (I hope Sandra doesn’t mind).

Thank you Sandra for the interview!

Well, I hope you enjoyed today’s interview, dear readers.

Have a Superior Optimum day!


P.S. Here are a few pictures of Sandra’s work –

home staging

home staging photo

home staging dining room
(see more at http://homestagingconcepts.net/)