Designs We Admire – Andree Putman

Andree PutmanAs an ongoing theme I think it might be fun to feature interior designs the SOS team members admire.

In the world of interior design few are admired as much as Andree Putman.

Her designs have delighted people the world over and even here in Boca Raton!

While the chances of me getting an interview with her for our blog is less than hitting the lotto (still I plan to try), has a great interview with her worth checking out:

Interview with andrée putman (

Here is a neat excerpt –

Q: Can you describe an evolution in your work from your first projects
to the present day?

A: I’ve always worked with the idea of making beautiful things
accessible to everyone.
I disliked the image of luxury linked to money and arrogance.
I started promoting new products in the original manner
of the 1968 cultural revolution. things were ready for changes.
now I enjoy working primarily on space and light, and with
special care taken for the sobriety, naturalness and elegance
of details.
timeless, simple, familiar and non-trendy spaces.

Here is the article in the NY Times about Putman’s work on the Boca Raton Resort

Andree Putman sofa