Where drapes come from…


There comes a point in every child’s life where they start asking tough questions like: ‘Why is the sky blue?’ and ‘Mommy, where do babies come from?’

Well, just like babies, drapes come from somewhere too.

So today, for all of you inquisitive little tykes, I’ll answer once and for all the question “Where do drapes come from?”

one of SOS boca\'s drapery and fabric tables

An ode to the drapery table:

crafted in canvas and wood

on you fine drapes are made

we hope that they will be good

so we all get paid 😛


drapery table with extension

(We’ve added neat extensions to our tables to ease the work on extra long drapes)

SOS boca owner, George, working with a striped fabric for a drapery

“Dr. Rios” delivering a bouncing baby drape.

Well, I had fun with this post 🙂

Have a Superior Optimum day!