June 25th, 2008

Chair Surprise!

See this chair? Looks innocent enough, right?

Chair re-upholstered for a Boca Raton client

But inside…

horse hair in a chair

Horse Hair!

You never know what you’ll find inside of an old chair!

June 18th, 2008

Meet some of the gang

Hi All,

We’ve been getting a little trigger happy with the camera lately and the result is staff pictures!

We didn’t get everybody though. Maybe one day soon we’ll take a big group photo.

So without further ado, here are a few of the SOS gang:

Alex doing upholstery

Alex “Fastest Nail-gun in Boca” Vasquez

(One of our upholsterers)
George Rios

George “that drapery guy” Rios

(Our fearless leader)

TJ resident nerd of SOS boca


(me – resident tech nerd)

I should be posting pictures of the rest of our courageous band soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

Until then… Have a Superior Optimum day!

June 12th, 2008

Designs We Admire – Andree Putman

Andree PutmanAs an ongoing theme I think it might be fun to feature interior designs the SOS team members admire.

In the world of interior design few are admired as much as Andree Putman.

Her designs have delighted people the world over and even here in Boca Raton!

While the chances of me getting an interview with her for our blog is less than hitting the lotto (still I plan to try), DesignBoom.com has a great interview with her worth checking out:

Interview with andrรฉe putman (designboom.com)

Here is a neat excerpt –

Q: Can you describe an evolution in your work from your first projects
to the present day?

A: I’ve always worked with the idea of making beautiful things
accessible to everyone.
I disliked the image of luxury linked to money and arrogance.
I started promoting new products in the original manner
of the 1968 cultural revolution. things were ready for changes.
now I enjoy working primarily on space and light, and with
special care taken for the sobriety, naturalness and elegance
of details.
timeless, simple, familiar and non-trendy spaces.

Here is the article in the NY Times about Putman’s work on the Boca Raton Resort

Andree Putman sofa

June 5th, 2008

Looking Forward

A lot has been happening at our little boca workroom.

We’ve been working on a big job. Lots of windows. Lots of fabric. Lots of work.

I should have pictures of the window treatments on here soon.

On my techie end, I’ve been working on improving our “business systems,” our system for serving the customer. I’d say its easier than making all of those drapes ๐Ÿ™‚

Bullet points for the near future:

  • buying a better digital camera (camera phone won’t do)
  • posting tons of pics of all the great work they do around here
  • talking about interior design here in Boca / S. Florida
    • learning more about the interesting developments in our industry
    • maybe even interviewing a few designers!
  • Hearing from YOU !

I’d love to hear what you think of the blog and our future plans.

Well that’s all for now.

-Have a Superior Optimum Day,


May 17th, 2008

Let the blogging begin!

It’s been awhile since the first couple of posts on our blog.

Hopefully I will get around to posting some of what we’ve worked on up until now.

The great news is that we have this new blog (migrated to wordpress [for the techies among us]), with a new design, and a fresh new start!

Hey, I bet you want see those pictures of that button chair, right?

It was a real transformation. The upholsterers did a good job, wish I was that handy…

Here they are (the pics of the finished chair)

chair we reupholstered for client in Boca Raton


re-upholstered chair in Boca Raton

November 2nd, 2007

more button pics

Posted by Picasa

August 20th, 2007

Tough Buttons! Upholstery in Boca Raton

Posted by Picasa

Here are some pictures of a recent job. I uploaded them using Picasa, awesome photo editing software from Google (did I mention its free?!)

This upholstery job was for a client here in Boca Raton.

This armchair is a little trickier than most. It was an older chair and it had buttons which went through the front part of the cushion and into the actual padding of the chair (permanently attaching the cushion to the chair). So the upholsterer had to deal with all of that, glad I’m not him ๐Ÿ˜›

I’ll put up some more pictures of the insides of the chair and the finished re-upholstered product later. Stay tuned!

July 4th, 2007

Interior Slide

Just created a slide show of some past jobs. My favourite is the white and blue stripped fabric canopy over the two beds.


June 29th, 2007

Superior Optimum Services, Corp.

Dedicated to excellent services in interior decoration, we have created this blog to showcase our work.

This blog will contain descriptions, pictures and customer feedback from our recent jobs.

It will also track our journey as a company toward greater excellence in customer relations.