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2022 UPDATE:

In our 2022 update we included ?.

Energy Savings


We have a lot of info for you ? so first, do you want the ?short story? or the ?long story??

  • Short Story
  • Long Story
    • How they work.
    • Brands and their quality.
  • Coming soon
    • Noise level
    • Higher Level of Convenience
    • Smart home integration.
    • More Energy Savings.
    • Difficulty of installation. /need for a professional.
    • Length of time to job completion (manual vs motorized)
    • Choosing motorized versus manual. How to make the decision.
    • Great motorization VS. something from Costco
    • local suppliers
    • not-so local suppliers
    • local installers



Why Remote Controlled Blinds are the Preferred Choice


Brands and their quality

Among the brands of automated blinds, there are three we’d like to mention along with videos below. They are:

Hunter Douglas


The quality of these three are comparable and excellent.


How Do Motorized Blinds Work?

To show you the inner mechanisms, here is an example of a roller shade motor and remote control available on??Amazon.



Frequently Asked Questions

We have done motorized shades for a very long list of Boca Raton clients and these are some of the common questions clients have about them:

Are motorized shades worth it?

How long do motorized shades last?

Should I get motorized blinds?

How do motorized shades work?

Do motorized shades need power?

Are motorized shades battery operated?

How to charge motorized shades?

Can you convert blinds to motorized?

Can cellular shades be motorized?

Are motorized shades reliable?

Can motorized shades be operated manually

Which motorized shades are best?

As we add to this guide below we hope to answer these questions.


How long will an installation take?