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Here is some more information about our upholstery services. We love the web and love using it to educate our clients about our work. So we have this continually growing page choc full of pictures, video and case studies. Enjoy!

Case Studies

Each of the following case studies features work done for an individual client. As we organize this page more we will include a full overview of each of the jobs. Our goal is to give you scenarios that are similar to you own situation that you can draw inspiration from to complete your design project.

case-study001 (sombrero motel)
case-study001 (sombrero motel)May 11, 2010Photos: 9
case study 030
case study 030Sep 22, 2003Photos: 6
Case Study 016
Case Study 016Jan 8, 2010Photos: 21
case study 029
case study 029Jan 8, 2010Photos: 13
Case Study 003
Case Study 003May 27, 2007Photos: 20
case study 025
case study 025Jan 8, 2010Photos: 22
Case Study 013
Case Study 013Apr 24, 2003Photos: 8
Case Study 017
Case Study 017Mar 7, 2003Photos: 9
case study 028
case study 028May 6, 2007Photos: 15

Case Study 019
Case Study 019Mar 11, 2003Photos: 29

(An old cornice turned into a headboard)
case study 026
case study 026Jan 8, 2010Photos: 7
case study 034
case study 034Jan 29, 2007Photos: 11
Case Study 020
Case Study 020Aug 11, 2011Photos: 53