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We’re not your typical Interior Design Workroom

Just spend some time on our website and notice the amount of content, information, and advice we share with you about how to get your interior design projects done. Then contrast that with the typical interior design company or workroom’s website – how much do they tell you? (not much, yeah?)

Why the difference?

At Superior Optimum Services, corp. (SOS) our goal and position is to be your trusted advisor.

This unique position can give you behind-the-scenes insight into the interior design industry in Boca Raton (and how to get interior design done) that no other organization will give you.

Our goal is to share the resources you need when you run into roadblocks with your project; resources to help you get “unstuck.”

Resources like: Our extensive case studies – that show how design projects like yours have been brought to completion. Our page of frequently asked interior design questions. And our series “Guides to Interior Design in Boca Raton and Beyond.”

Also as a trusted advisor, SOS, corp. through its affiliates and subcontractors can help you with almost any interior design need you can imagine. Whether your project is large or small you can find help to move it forward. Whether it’s finding the right professional, or sourcing the right design piece from the other side of the globe… If you can think it, we can help you get it done.

As experts on the interior design industry in Boca Raton we can help you put together all the elements you might need for a successful project. You can even shop-at-home with our catalog and encyclopedia of interior design.

For select high-end designers Superior Optimum Services, Corp. is available to work as a full-service upholstery and drapery workroom (We also take professional measurements and are a certified Hunter Douglas professional installer).

Our time is limited, our schedule is almost always full (booked solid), and we are extremely picky about who we work with at this level of hands-on work.

But as far as our end results…don?t take our word for it. See what our customers have to say (<–click for testimonials)

Dear George,

You gave Dan and I top workmanship as well as your heart and soul. We love our window treatments and sincerely thank you.



– Valerie, Boca Raton

In working with top notch designers, the SOS workroom focuses on creating solutions that:

  • accomplish your project vision, closely match and augment your design style
  • revitalize client windows, add new life to rooms, and manage natural lighting
  • add extra-value through innovative add-on services
  • enhance customer choice through our ever-growing catalog of design elements

When we’re through it is sure to look fabulous.

SOS has a reputation for quality – but, like we said, don’t take our word for it. See what our customers have to say

Like us so far? Have Questions?

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About Us

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Why Interior Designers Choose Us

We specialize in custom designs and manufacturing of all kinds of furniture, draperies, cornices, blinds, and more.

With 18 years in the industry (UPDATE: As of 2019 we have 28 years), we have experience working with all types of fabrics and window treatments.

We perform residential and commercial projects as well as yachting.

Our Principles

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • The Best Service
  • Honesty
  • The Best Quality for the Best Price