More than a guide to getting interior design work done in Boca Raton, the Guide is about the unique style of interior design that is “Boca Raton Interior Design.”

As this work in progress expands we will introduce you to the styles that define Boca Raton and the companies behind the new and unique.

The short and skinny

For most of its history, the interior design industry in Boca Raton has centered around the design corner on NW 20th Street just off the East side of FAU’s campus.

Even today many of the small to mid-size projects start off there with a fabric pick at one of the long standing stores.

So, depending on your needs, your journey might start there as well.

But, of course, there is more to interior design in Boca Raton than 20th Street and that’s why we’ve also made “the long story” in this guide.

The Long Story (our in-depth guide)

Whether it is a house, an office, a high-end store, a theatre, a 5 star hotel, a mega yacht, or something in-between, there are interior design providers ready and waiting to help.

Few places have more or better design options than Boca Raton.

Let’s take a look at the designers, the workrooms, the artisans, and the brands that make Boca Raton’s industry what it is.

Boca Raton Interior Designers:

Designers youtube videos:

Susan Lachance [ view profile and news ]

Renee Finberg (Renee’s interior design blog)

List of designers:

Barbara Cortney Designs

Opulence By Design

Where to touch fabrics:

See our Ultimate Guide to Finding Fabrics in Boca Raton

Boca Bargoons

Showrooms and expositions:

CliveDaniel (CDH)?showroom events

Workrooms and Artisans:


Suppliers and Service Providers:

Ouro Custom Woodwork
crown moldings and other custom millwork